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Your clients will search for your app on the Apple and Google app stores. You will also have access to the below listed features of your mobile app.

Secure Document Manager

Sending and receiving tax-related documents via email is not safe. Use our document manager to securely send, receive and manage sensitive documents.

client features
  • Receive Files

    Using their smartphones, your clients can securely and quickly send you files such as W-2s and more via your app.

  • Send Files

    From your admin panel, you can send files to your clients such as their completed tax return and other documents.

  • Notifications

    All parties are notified when new files are added, edited or deleted.

  • Unlimited Folders

    Both you and your clients can create unlimited folders to better organize your documents.

  • Unlimited Files

    Unlike email, there are no limits on the number of files that can be uploaded or sent.

  • Universal Access

    Files can be securely accessed from the app or the web.

  • Bank Grade Encryption

    By utilizing the same level of security used by banks, all data is encrypted in transmission and at rest.

  • GLBA Compliant

    Our system was engineered to be in full compliance with The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Even More Features

Your personalized app also comes with the below features. Did we miss a feature? Tell us so we can implement it.

  • Business Profile

    You are able to provide an overview about your company and the services offered.

  • Profile Photo

    Use a profile photo to enhance your business profile.

  • Address

    Drive traffic to your office by displaying your locations.

  • Phone Number

    Your phone number is displayed in your app with tap-to-call capabilities.

  • Email

    Your email address is displayed in your app with tap-to-email capabilities.

  • Website Address

    Your website address is displayed and opened within the app.

  • Employee Profiles

    Showcase a bio about each employee in your company (coming soon).

  • Contact Requests

    Your clients are able to send messages from your app which will be then sent to your email.

  • Customer Profile

    Users of the app are able to edit their personal information.

  • Admin Portal

    From your secure admin portal, you are able to manage users, folders, files and more.

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